About us

SmarterRegulation.org is dedicated to promoting a smarter state and federal regulatory system.

We are a non-partisan, online advocacy organization that launched in 2011 days after then President Barack Obama issued a series of Executive Orders tasking agencies with identifying ways to create a “21st Century regulatory system.”  Since then, we have worked under both Democratic and Republican presidents to build momentum for regulatory reform and to oppose costly, unnecessary new regulations.

While many regulations play an important role in protecting public health and safety, as well as the environment, some increase costs on consumers and businesses without delivering a benefit in return.

One early example of SmarterRegulation.org’s work was to shine a light on the federal government’s treatment of catfish.  A 2008 law passed by Congress and pushed by special interests made catfish the only seafood inspected by the USDA.  The move was called one of the more “egregious examples of government waste” and duplication.

In the years since, the organization has moved to spotlight similar unnecessary and wasteful rules in other areas of government and to convince lawmakers to work together towards smarter rules and regulations.